Ash and his team were awesome. I first reached out to Ace to get an asbestos test done for our place. Ash was able to do the expedited option for us and we got the results in a day. We then worked with his crew on abatement - his crew did an excellent job. I highly recommend Ash and Ace Environmental.

Christopher Yeh


I hired Ace Environmental to remove asbestos from my attic and portions of drywall from my house. The team, led by Ash, were very professional and efficient. I felt they gave me a fair flat fee price. They went above and beyond when it came …

Mike Docherty


The work they do is by far one of the most professional that I’ve had. They worked on time, and gave me information about everything they were going to do prior to them starting. I highly recommend them, and was very happy with their Ace Enviourmental services.

Marcus Aurelio


I contacted several different environmental companies to help me with the Hazardous Material Inspection required for renovations to homes built pre 1990. Ash at Ace Environmental was the first choice from the go. Quick to respond.



We contacted 3 companies to get a quote on asbestos air testing and Ash was the first to call back. One company didn't answer at all and the other was $100 more expensive and they would take days to do the testing. Ash was able to give us next day service plus for a reason reasonable expediting fee, he got us the results the same day.

Ana V


I contacted Ace Enviourmental near the New Years, and surprisingly he returned my call within a few hours, even though it was during the holidays. After setting up an appointment to get my basement tested for any signs of asbestos, arrived on time at my house and presented himself in a professional manner. He answered all my questions that I had and was really patient with me as he could tell I was a bit distraught. After the testing was complete, he notified me that the results will take 24hrs to process for an expedited service, in which it did. The results came back negative for asbestos and after that day I never slept so well in my life.

Pizza Samurai


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