Successful PoE Lighting and Automation Projects

Ink Games

Austin, TX

Online Gaming Corporate Offices 


Morristown, NJ

Fine Dining Restaurant and Lounge


Saint George, UT

Commercial Offices in Converted Hanger

Continental Gin

Dallas, TX

Commercial Coworking Space

Midas Brakes

Philadephia, PA

Retail Space

Lonestar Medical

Huntsville, TX

Urgent Care Clinic

650 5th Ave

New York, NY

High Rise Commercial Offices

Hudson Bar & Grill

Jersey City, NJ

Bar and Restaurant Space

Sport Center

New York, NY

PoE and AC Automation

Union College

Barbourville, KY

Tower Lighting Effects

Private Client

Houston, TX

Home Automation

Resorts World

Las Vegas, NV

PoE Lighting and Automation

Burke Center For Youth

Austin, TX

Hydroponics & Aquaponics

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Making the Decision to Upgrade to PoE Connected Automation

Discover the first 5 strategic steps to upgrading your facility to PoE Connected Lighting and Automation from Top Industry Experts 

  • Conduct a Comprehensive Facility Assessment:
  • Define Clear Objectives and Goals:
  • Engage Stakeholders and Obtain Buy-In:
  • Evaluate Cost-Benefit Analysis:
  • Develop a Detailed Implementation Plan:

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